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Research: A Sustainable European Grid Infrastructure - The Rationale

A DCSC case story, provided by The European Grid Initiative (EGI)

Attention is drawn to the many international cooperation initiatives within Scientific Computing and its Gridification. See the 3 minute demonstration video from the European Grid Initiative: "A Sustainable European Grid Infrastructure - the rationale".


The European Grid Initiative (EGI) represents an effort to establish a sustainable grid infrastructure in Europe. DCSC represents Denmark in this effort. Driven by the needs and requirements of the research community, EGI is expected to enable the next leap in research infrastructures, thereby supporting collaborative scientific discoveries in the European Research Area.

The main foundation of EGI are the National Grid Initiatives (NGIs), which operate the grid infrastructures in each country. EGI will link existing NGIs and actively supports the setup and initiation of new NGIs.

The goal of the EGI Design Project itself is to evalute use cases for the applicability of a coordinated effort, identify processes and mechanisms for establishing EGI, defining the structure of a corresponding body, and ultimately initiating the construction of EGI.

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