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Current News 2009


DCSC issues Calls for Proposals, totalling DKK 20 million (Closing date 1 April 2010)

DCSC encourages researchers or research teams, who would like access to Scientific Computing resources, to apply for DCSC grants.

See the complete call texts at:


New Swedish Strategy on HPC, Grid and Data Storage

The Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) now submits to the Swedish Research Council a "Landscape Document 2010-2013" for the research infrastructure areas of high performance computing, Grid computing and data storage.


Talk on the redesign of software to fit multicore architectures

Prof. Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory) will give an overview of High Performance Computing and it future requirements. A special focus will be on the redesign of software to fit multicore HPC architectures.

Date/Time: 2009.09.07; 11:00 - 12:00

Address: Technical University of Denmark (DTU); 2800 Kgs. Lyngby; Building 305; Room 053


Renewed DCSC board

DCSC's owner, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, reappoints as well as appoints new DCSC board members.


DCSC board meeting

The DCSC board conducted its second board meting in 2009 on 7 May.


DCSC allocates it annual funding for Scientific Computing

The DCSC board met 2009.05.07 to distribute funding for scientific computing in continuation of the DCSC call for proposals issued 2008.12.19. DCSC received 31 applications, totalling DKK 60.369.500. Applications were in general very relevant and of high scientific quality. Hence DCSC unfortunately was only able to fund 45% of the funding applied for.


The DCSC board gets new chairman and deputy chairman

As of 21 January 2009, Henrik Vissing replaces Jens K. Nørskov as chairman of the DCSC board. John Renner Hansen replaces Henrik Vissing as deputy chairman.


Danish Grid Forum conducts mini-symposium on Cloud Computing, 12 May, 14:00

Five presentations and intense debate can be expected within "Cloud and Virtualization to Support Grid Computing"; "Perspectives for clouds in scientific computing"; "The NDGF cloud"; "The Sun Cloud strategy"; "A joint Nordic Green Computing Facility in Iceland".

The Cloud Computing Symposium will be held 12 May 2009; 14:00; Niels Bohr Institutet; Blegdamsvej 17; Copenhagen; Auditorium A.


HPC Summer School on Computational Electromagnetics, 8-17 June

The Swedish National Graduate School in Scientific Computing (NGGSC) invites reserchers and graduate students from the Nordic countries to join them at their HPC summer school.

Date and Venue: 8-17 June 2009 at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The purpose of this year's Summer School is to cover the most influential methods in the field of Computational Electromagnetics today, including the finite element method, the finite difference time-domain scheme and the method of moments.


Would you like to use a 100 Tflops Cray XT4/XT5 ?

The Finish IT Center for Science (CSC) is offering Danish researchers access to its Cray in return for access to Danish HPC cluster resources. CSC's Cray is one of the top supercomputers in Europe.

We would initially like to have a more clear understanding of the interest among our current and potential grant holders for access to such a HPC installation.

If your think that your research would benefit from the Cray then contact DCSC - whether you have a DCSC grant or not.


Call for proposals 2009: DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative

The call is now open, also to Danish researchers. Successful proposals are given access to the national HPC computers within the DEISA Infrastructure and Resources.

Call closing date is 4 May 2009.


Nordic eScience Action Plan - 10 concrete actions to implement the Nordic eScience Strategy

The Nordic Council of Ministers opens a consultation round on a draft Nordic eScience action plan. The action plan has 10 concrete proposals aiming to lift the eScince competence and capability level in the Nordic region. A large number of the proposals would, if implemented, have a direct positive impact on Danish scientific computing.

DCSC is one of the bodies chosen to be consulted on the matter. If you have views, we are interested to hear them. If so please send us an e-mail.


DCSC receives 31 grant applications

In response to the DCSC call for proposals, issued 19 December 2008 (with closing date 1 March 2009) DCSC has received 31 applications asking for in total DKK 60,369,500 (EUR 8,106,230). The DCSC board will 7 May 2009 decide on how to allocate the DKK 27,000,000 (EUR 3,625,477) available. DCSC expects to publish the complete grant allocation list a few days thereafter.


DCSC board meeting

The DCSC board conducted its first meting in 2009 on 21 January.


DCSC's first Grid project, Grid.dk, reports its first findings on why and how Danish academia should go about connecting its HPC resources

The analysis, "Grids and Clouds in Scientific Computing" is about "gridifying" DCSC. Focus is on learning from others and analyzing needed action. Grid.dk is commissioned to implement the specific task of aggregating DCSC's "pool of free resources" (10% of DCSC's HPC capacity).

The analysis and conclusions will be presented to the DCSC board 23 January 2009.