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Danish Center for Scientific Computing (DCSC)
... is closed down

As of 2012-04-19 DCSC is transformed and a new organisation has been formed within Danish academic e-Infrastructure:

The Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC)

This organization, DeIC, constitutes a merger between the Danish Center for Scientific Computing (DCSC) and the Danish Research Network (Forskningsnettet). Hence DeIC will take over previous responsibilities and cooperation areas held by DCSC, including High Performance Computing.

For further details see our press release

We look forward to a continued fruitful cooperating with past, current and future e-Infrastructure users and interested parties in a new and much strengthened organisational setting.

If you for some reason would like to see the old DCSC website, it will for the time being be available with the front page moved to http://www.dcsc.dk/ indexolddcsc.html